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The article on making an apodizing screen and the spreadsheet are very long (~0.6 to 0.7 MB). The design article is a good deal shorter and contains much of the meat of the whole page. I am sorry, but the spreadsheet has a lot of calculations and the Making article a lot of photographs. I advise you to look at the design article and decide if you want to download the longer works.

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An article I wrote in the summer of 2001, about the design of apodizers for obstructed apertures. I wrote it because most of the screens I see mentioned on the net and in the literature are designed either for unobstruced apertures or (sadly) not even designed at all. Most of these latter screens are imitations of a friend who heard it from a friend. As a consequence, they seldom work as well as they should.

A sidebar article I also wrote in the summer of 2001, about making a large apodizer.

The design spreadsheet.

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